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Web Development Course

Get trained by the expert professionals of the Web Development Course in Patiala provided DMI Patiala. Although there are so many institutes that provide Web Development Training in Patiala, DMI Patiala stays unique and is the Best Web Development Training Institute in Patiala by offering the Real-Time Web Development Training with all the latest technologies like AngularJS, CSS3, and HTML5.

 About the course-

Web Development Course by DMI is the ideal choice for the students who love to invent new ideas in their life. Moreover, as there are no particular terms and conditions to plan a website page, this will be the best place to find all your abilities in doing creative and attractive stuff. We also offer 100% placement assistance to all our students which help them to earn their dream job. You can become a professional web developer by joining the best Web Development Course in Patiala. Also, you will figure out how to make sites by utilizing CMS. Moreover, you will have the option to run your own blog or site.

You will figure out how to fabricate a site in WordPress and during the web improvement instructional class, as well as find out about arranging your site as indicated by SEO rehearses. Figure out how to include pages, alter topics, and distribute pictures and posts with the open-source WordPress content administration framework.

How different is our Web Development Training?

The training with Web Development Course in Patiala by DMI will launch a student’s career in the web development field. They will have all the skills and knowledge that are essential to become a professional web developer. 

Our students are provided with training with real-time projects. They work on the projects of the clients which prepares them for a professional industry environment. Deserving students are also offered internship offers where they work on web development projects. There are several other reasons why DMI Patiala is the best Web Development Institute such as-

  • Theoretical as well as practical training
  • Project training with real case studies
  • Weekend as well as Weekday classes
  • Special doubt sessions without any extra charges
  • Proper placement assistance for students
  • Affordable rates of the course
  • Classroom training which is equipped with the latest as well as advanced technology
  • Proper assignments for students every week
  • Students are trained by industry experts having years of experience
  • Globally recognized certification is provided to students after the course


By the completion of the Web Development course, you should be able to:

After completing the Web Development Course in Patiala, students will be able to-

  • How to make websites with CMS
  • Learn how to run own blog and website
  • Integrate Magento with another system using dataflow profiles.
  • How to install WordPress
  • Learn about how to build a website or blog in WordPress.
  • Learn how to add reports and pages into the Magento admin interface.
  • Write extensions that increase Magento’s catalog
  • How to create web applications using PHP

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Website Development

Web Development Course by DMI is the ideal choice for the students who love to invent new ideas in their life. Moreover, as there are no particular terms and conditions to plan a website page, this will be the best

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