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DMI Patiala Institute is the best for career courses in Graphic Designing. Graphic Designing Course in Patiala is a job-oriented and creative designing course. This course is right for you if you have a creative mind and want to make a career in the field of graphic design. There are various jobs that are available after you complete this course. It is a great opportunity that gives a boost to your career.

The main objective of our course is to improve the student’s fitness in design principles, image editing, printing, typography, scanning, and much more. Industry mentors here trains the students that ensure that every student becomes an expert professional in this field. It is an advanced certified course that helps students in becoming an ace graphic designer. Also, students are provided with 100% placement assistance after the completion of the course.

Who can join?
Graphic Designing course in Patiala

There are many people that join the Graphic Designing course in Patiala after their 12th standard. Anyone with a creative mind and enthusiasm can learn about graphic designing like students, working professionals, housewives, entrepreneurs, and so on. It is necessary to receive intensive training to make it big in this field. 


Features of the course-

Our premium training has the following features-

Theoretical as well as practical training- Graphics Designing Course in Patiala is not merely basic computer training.  It is a specialized course that offers theoretical as well as practical training to students. This helps them to understand and grasp the concepts as well as the fundamentals of graphic design. Moreover, it helps them to improve their creative thinking and help them in creating modern and unique designs.

Real-time Projects- Along with proper training, students also get to work on real-time projects of the clients. This helps them to be ready for the future working professional environment as well as gives them confidence.

Industry-specific Curriculum- Our course is designed as per the industry standards. This is done so that the students can get and achieve the best from this course. The course is framed in such a way that it helps students to come up and match with the terms of demands of the industry. Furthermore, the duration of graphic designing course in Patiala is shorter and our course follows the exact rule.


Specialized Training- There are industry experts as faculty who have years of experience working in a professional environment. Also, with their guidance, a student will improve his analytical capability and will be trained for creative enhancement.

Modules and Programs of Graphic Designing Course in Patiala

  • Understanding the basics of graphic designing
  • Type and Typography Design
  • Layout techniques using images
  • Design and composition elements
  • Creating graphic products like Flyers, Brochures, Logo, Business cards, and more
  • Understanding of grids
  • Page layouts for book covers, posters, and catalog
  • How to use software for photo editing

After the course, students will be able to-


  • Have an inner eye for Design
  • Create design aesthetics
  • Visual as well as Color judgment
  • Create customized vector graphics
  • Image creating, editing, cropping, and effects
  • Layout design of graphic products

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