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PPC Course in Patiala

Google Adsense, google ads, youtube ads, bing, yahoo and many resources for ads based on PPC concept.
Ppc stands for pay per click it’s a model of digital marketing in which client or advertiser pays an amount each time one of their ads is clicked. some time PPC also called as CPC (cost-per-click).
Ppc play an important role when you doing digital marketing for business and self
How PPC plays an important role in digital marketing?
Ppc or CPC is playing a very important role in digital marketing because PPC used in various digital marketing technique directly or indirectly and that are as follows:
• Sem stands for( search engine marketing)
• SMM stands for (social media marketing)
• Affiliate marketing
• Display ads
These are the best techniques utilization in PPC
Google is the world best search engine utilization some of use bing and yahoo. when you search something on Google like shopping for men we get two types of the result one is a sponsored ad and another one is organic listing. when advertised use paid method to rank on a search engine on a particular keyword then it’s apart of search engine marketing
advertiser bid on the perceived value of a click about the keywords, platforms, and audience type in which it originates.
Ppc is used for all types of a campaign such as:
• Increasing sales.
• Generating leads
• promoting brand awareness
the main platform follow PPC model
• google ads
• bing ads
google ads:
• google ads run on Google search partner sites
• google ads are the worlds biggest pay per click platform

PPC Course in Patiala

• bing ads is a pay per click platform showing ads on the bing and yahoo networks.
• The platform also exploit search partners7, bing ads has 142 million unique searchers on the bing network
How PPC works
• The advertiser puts up an ad on website, web portals
• A cost per click is set by the advertiser that he wishes to pay per click
• When a user clicks on the ad, the CPC is paid by the advertiser
• Googles Adword is a popular PPC system
• The entire process happens online through the application
• The entire process happens online through the application

 Pay per click($)=advertising cost ($)+ads clicked
Types of PPC marketing
• Ppc marketing or campaigns can be text, images and videos
• The advertiser can put up the ads in different shapes and sizes
• Google Adword, double click is some PPC ad system
• There are 2 parties-advertiser, publisher
• Advertiser puts up the ad, the publisher publishes the ad they come together to promote an ad intended for the end-user who clicks the ad and benefits from it

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PPc stands for pay per click it’s a model of digital marketing in which the client or advertiser pays an amount each time one of their ads is clicked. Sometimes PPC also

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