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SEO Course in Patiala

For Student leaners

It is the best opportunity for the student to learn SEO Course in Patiala and make your career in Digital Marketing. Everything is going on the web which helps to get more engagement for business. There are lakhs of jobs waiting for you but you need a skill. This SEO Course is a skill for you. Our team gives lifetime support to our student. We also help to find a job for you. DMI Patiala offers you 100% satisfaction and job placement.

For business learner

If you want to promote your business on the web and ranking no.1 on the google search engine. It is very helpful to engage more people with your business. You can take your business on top with less amount. Seo helps to get a relevant audience on your business website. We provide SEO training in Patiala with 100% satisfaction.


Firstly, SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Therefore, knowing the audience’s intent and giving them what they seek is a way of SEO. Hence, the most important aspect of search engine optimization is how one can leverage SEO to help in driving more traffic, sales and, leads for the business.

How SEO Work:-

Keyword Analysis:-The role of keyword is very important part  in SEO for ranking your website. You can Use google keyword planner to find your keyword and analysis the compitior keyword. Chose your best keywords and placed  on the right place.
Content writing:- It is also play important role in ranking of your website. This is called ‘KING OF SEO’. In this module, We will teach you how to use original content for your websites.


Website Optimization:- we will teach you difference between on page and off page optimization. We give some important tips to write seo friendly content.
Seosubmission:- Institute’s team will teach you how to add your keyword on right place into your content and seofriendkyurls.


Link building:- It is types of off page SEO. We make a link of website to other websites to get a backlink from the websites


Reporting and website analysis. :- You can analysis and track you audience or traffic by google analytics.

Why we use SEO:-Increase visibility on search engines.
Get more organic traffic on your website.
Convert a local business into international business.
Easy way to show your business as a brand.


Types of SEO– White/Black/Grey SEO
White SEO-White hat SEO is considered as ethical and organic seo.in white hat SEO we follow all guidelines of search engine.it is a slow process but it provides longtime results.you should always use white hat SEO.
Black SEO-Black hat SEO is considered unethical. in white hat SEO we don’t follow guidelines of search engine.it is a quick process but it provides short time results. you shouldn’t use black hat SEO like link spamming, keyword stuffing, a keyword is hidden, the text is hidden.
Grey SEO-This is the mixture of white and black hat SEO.
SEO Course Includes:- Knowledge about 200+ factor for ranking
                                        Find an appropriate keyword with searches
                                        Learn about your competitor’ website
                                        On-page optimization
                                        Off-page optimization
                                        Most Advance Technique
                                        Blogging and content tips
                                        Google algorithms update
SEO Course Duration:- Minimum 45 days & Maximum 60 days.

 Training Unlimited Timing.

Lifetime support Timing for the course.

Special bathes for businessmen.

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SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Therefore, knowing the audience’s intent and giving them what they seek is a way of SEO. Hence, the most important aspect of search engine optimization

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